Graphics play a big role in online business and DrakeCo can help. We provide many clients with logo and branding design, brochure, stationary, printed and online advertising graphics as well as social media, e-mail, blog and website graphic design services.

Who doesn’t like a great content?

Making the big BANG online is about great copy, having stunning and eye-catching graphics to go along with your great products and services. It is key to the success of any business online. Graphics not only catch the eyes of your visitors but also help to establish brand identity.

Making your brand stand out against others will help your business to grow and gain new potential leads and clients and Kim & Co. can help with:

Blog Graphics

Blogs are great a great way to keep content fresh on your website; however, a great graphic is always key. When sharing your blogs, you will always want to consider the best graphic for it, as well the platform you are sharing on, each social media platform has a preferred graphic size, optimizing your graphics for each network will help boost engagement and showcase your great work to it’s maximum. Kim & Co. can help with the creation of these graphics, specific to the networks you are sharing on.

E-mail Marketing Graphics

What’s better than staying in touch with your audience through e-mails? Staying in touch in style. Adding graphics to your e-mails will help your brand identity as well as give the readers a break from the text elements within your e-mail with some visual appeal. Let’s chat about how we can help you styling up your e-mail marketing today.

Fillable Materials

Have you ever joined a course and found there’s a PDF that you need to print and fill in by hand? Or received an application that is of the same nature. The world of business is becoming more and more conscious about their printing habits, so why not step up your game with documents that are easily fillable by any visitor? Contact Kim & Co. today to learn more about the creation of fillable content!

Logos and Branding

Your logo and colours are your businesses signature online. They both equally represent you all over the internet. You want your brand to speak about your business, how you operate and what you do. Kim & Co. can help define, establish and most importantly implement your brand strategy. Let’s chat today about your brand.

Printed Materials

Although were an online business solutions company, that doesn’t mean we don’t work offline to. Let’s be real, businesses operate equally online as they do offline, this is why printed and branded materials are key. Going to a tradeshow, meeting a client in person, or hosting a live event? It never hurts to have a business card on hand with a brochure of what you offer. Let’s chat about printed materials before your next in person meeting today.

Social Media Graphics

The ever-growing social media is constantly changing, including their graphics requirements. Graphics help set your posts apart and increase your engagement on posts. Having the right graphic alongside of your post is critical to the success of your social strategy, let’s talk about your graphics on your networks.

Video Editing

Video is an ever-growing trend online these days. With networks such as YouTube dominating the online world it never hurts to hop on board. Blogs are becoming Vlogs and people in general just want to watch over read. Kim & Co. can help with the editing and branding of your company’s video content, let’s chat today.

Website Graphics

You have a website, you have what you do, things you sell and how to get in touch. But that page is pretty plain without a touch of colour and high-end graphics! Kim & Co. has been designing web optimized graphics for years and is ready to help, we utilize the latest compression technology as well as latest web standards for images to keep your site running light speed well still maintaining image quality.

Our Approach

We determine your needs as a business

We work directly with you; to learn about your business, what you want to achieve and everything you have to offer as the expert in your industry. All businesses are different, even those from the same industry. We don’t base our solutions off of “common industry needs” but off of your individual needs, because we understand that not all businesses run the same way.


We plan the perfect solution

Taking in all of what we learned about you and your business, we strategize as a team to determine the perfect solution(s) for your business; we offer alternatives and work closely with you to decide if this is a great fit. Including you is vital in this process, because in the end, you make the final call on what your business does.

We implement the core solutions

After finding the perfect match, Kim & Co. implements what we have set forth, taking each piece, branding it to your business and implementing it to its fullest. We watch and monitor the progress, and adjust it as needed; still working very closely with you to make sure everything is going as expected.

Together we celebrate your success!

This is the part we love the most, and we know you will to. We get on a call, look over the results, and “virtually” cheer on your success. It doesn’t stop here, we continue this simple process month after month, watching your business grow and maximize its reach online.

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