Why You Should Include Pricing On Your Website

There’s a lot of debate on this subject, mainly from a business perspective, whether or not to put your current pricing online or not. This is mainly under the focus of market competition, depending on what market your business is in you may be in highly competitive pricing, which in turn, having your pricing on your website allows your competition to match and even beat what you have to offer.

However, from the other side of things, having your current pricing on your website allows your visitors to easily find what they are looking for, and have the knowledge of what it will cost them to buy your products and services.

Your ideal goal with your website is to make it so your ideal client will be able to find the information they want, and need, this is the main question that you need to answer before deciding whether to place your pricing on your website. If your client is someone who wants to know what it will cost, before making a decision, you should post your pricing, if they are someone who is more interested in talking with someone before making a decision, don’t post.

Your services will also define this, some businesses offer services and products that you really can’t show a full absolute cost, such as web design, the final cost can vary from project to project. It is possible in this situation to list variable pricing online, or just to simply omit the pricing completely, again, this comes down to your ideal client, what they want and what they need to see online.

Pros of Having Your Pricing Online

There are many great reasons why you should include pricing online, and here we are going to discuss the top reasons why you should include pricing on your website.

  1. Allows Your Client to be Prepared
    One of the main reasons is to be transparent, you are being upfront on what you are worth, and what your product or service is worth. Before your client or potential client contacts you, they are able to see what it will more than likely cost them to purchase from you. This allows for better planning, and more acceptance from both sides during the negotiation and purchasing phases.
  2. Gives You and Your Client Negotiating Room
    Although you have a price listed, it doesn’t always mean you need to stay at that price, if a repeat client returns for additional services and they already accept the pricing online you could offer them an incentive to continue on with the new service, a discount, or payment option to help them a bit on the final cost. You may also have discounts for new clients who come onboard with your business. Make sure to put a note about this with your pricing though something along the lines of *prices starting at* or *ask about new client discount*
  3. People like Readily Available Information
    You want your potential clients to have all the information they can find about you and your business online. When someone is in the market shopping for products and services they don’t usually want to have to speak with someone before finding a cost, they want to know at minimum or a ballpark number before proceeding. Once they have this, they are more likely to contact the company for more information. They also like to window shop online, check out your business and your competition and base their discussions on your costs and theirs. They will usually reach out to a few vendors prior to making their decision, having your pricing online allows you the opportunity to talk with the client and secure the sales after they select you as a candidate.

In summary, it is mainly about knowing your client and your business, if you have these two factors down, the question on whether to put your pricing online will be a breeze.

We also encourage you to think about how you feel about it…does it bother you when you go to a website and can’t find pricing or do you prefer to speak with someone? Think about your client and how you would feel if you were them!

Need some more help deciding whether pricing is needed on your website? Or need some help getting it on there? Leave a message in the comments below!


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