What are Keywords

Keywords simply put are words used to describe content specific to a page or website. To further define this I will give a simple example.

A used car dealer that specifically will sell Hyundai vehicles will want to put a heavy focus on advertising that this is the band of vehicle they offer. For this they will want to incorporate in both the page titles, descriptions as well page content things such as Hyundai, Elentra, vehicles, used etc.

Keywords mainly will be the focus point of your business or the purpose of your website. Common terms that could easily outline your business as a whole. It is important to plan keywords and use them appropriately, just typing out a bunch of words or combination of words on a page will not help with your search visibility. If anything, it will affect it negatively.

One main thing to keep in mind with SEO and specifically keyword planning is that most people will not search a single word, they are using phrases and sometimes full sentences to convey what they are looking for. This is important to keep in mind as this is what is best to utilize. If you still to single words, you more then likely are against the top payers such as manufactures and vendors, what you want to attract is your current or potential clients when they search for something like nearby ice cream shops in Cambridge, ON rather then stating Ben and Jerry ice cream, specify downtown Cambridge ice cream parlor.

How do you plan out keywords, is something that is a multi-part answer. Here’s some tips to plan out your keyword strategy:

Use online tools from the leading search engines

Search engines provide a wealth of information and tools that can be used to plan out your strategy and help you to better understand your business and how to market yourself. For example; Google AdWords offers a tool call the Google Keyword Planner all you need to do is go to their site, signup for a free account and utilize the tool to search for words that relate to products or services that you offer.

Do your homework

Keyword planning is a tricky task, there are so many variations and combinations of what could be considered the best words. But sometimes the best are the worst. You need to use the metrics provided by tools such as the Google Keyword Planner to analyze all aspects of each target word. Use metrics such as Average Monthly Searches and Competition to understand where your site sits against others who may also utilize the same terms.

Think outside the box

Offer something unique? Something that sets you apart from the others; take this idea and expand on it. Keyword planning can be quit the creative process when done right, you are not just marketing your products or services, you are also marketing your name and business. Try to find keywords with low competition and use them as much as possible, you will have a better chance at reaching your audience if you utilize phrases over single words.

Example; a car dealer, that offers Hyundai used vehicles may at first want to use the term Hyundai and Elantra as their primary words, but if I’m searching for these terms I’m going to get review sites, the actual manufactures sites, then the dealers websites and social profiles. Between all of these this could be upwards of two pages worth of results. However if they were to use 2007 Hyundai Elantra GT as a phrase and include this within text and the titles, I am more likely to find them when I search something like this.

Or hire a Pro…

Just like we all need someone to file our federal taxes, sometimes its best to hire a professional to assist with keywords and search engine optimization. I myself am one of them, you can learn more about my services as well others by visiting my Search Engine Optimization page. Feel free to drop my a line, or submit a quote request to find out more information, and allow me to assist in getting you the best quote possible for your next project.


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