SEO and Your Site

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Search engine optimization is what I would consider a crucial part of any design project. If your site is not compliant with today’s standards, your traffic will be severely impacted.

Some consider SEO a form of black magic, others consider it an art. As for most, they consider it less than they should.

What is SEO

SEO is the process of optimizing a website for better conversions, visibility and reach. There are many factors to SEO and it most defiantly is not a one-shot deal. Working with visibility is an ongoing task for any website, you are constantly trying to reach first page results, right? You always want to hit the ideal keywords and focus words that best describe your business.

Over the next little while I am going to be sharing my experiences with SEO on both my website which was just revamped as well reference other projects that I had taken on with high focus of manipulating search results.

Although this is a service I offer under my freelance business, I also love the opportunity to share stories as well how-to articles with anyone who is interested in topics I have knowledge on. Being a self-taught freelancer I heavy relied on the internet to support my learning, for this reason I want to give back, not just because I’m a nice guy, but because I believe that every situation is different, every answer is relevant to one project but the opposite problem for another. My experiences may help you, or they may just be a funny read, either way I do hope you decide to follow my blog if not to learn; just to comment in with your experiences in the industry or have a laugh at my mistakes well learning!


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