DIY Website VS Hiring a Pro

Before I start on this post, I just want to say; I am one of the few web developers out there that will tell you a DIY website through a free builder isn’t a bad thing; that being said, I’m not a huge fan of them just because of my position, I’m the web guy, they are a builder, we don’t get along ?

But, we survive together because I am also a business owner, and I know where I was almost ten years ago, I know the struggles of starting a business, the costs associated with starting, and just needing to get to that first sale. So, in this post, I’m not going to sell to you, or try to get you to drop the Wix’s and Square Spaces. I’m going to provide more of an honest answer to the age-old question. When do I ACTUALLY need to consider a web designer / developer.

This is not a simple answer like most questions, because there are many variables that come into play when deciding when your business is ready to take the next steps and move into investing in a custom-built website. One that has all of the features you can think of or require; each business reaches this milestone at different times; I have seen some businesses that jump from day one into a designer. I have seen some take a couple months or even wait until they become well established in a couple years.

In the following topics, I am going to outline what I think is a great way to determine when you are ready for someone like me:

1. You are able to invest in the website

This one is important, anyone who has ever been through getting a website designed and setup knows, it doesn’t come cheap, or at least usually it doesn’t. A custom website built for you and your brand requires a lot more work then what most think, everyone is different, so there is no general template that fits all, or even some. You are investing in a new asset for your business. Yes, a website is an investment and not one that should be considered lightly.

2. The options aren’t there that you want

When using a free builder or even a paid one, at some point in time you are going to run into the issue of wanting to change something or need a feature added to your website that is not available. Developers and designers have limited access to the backend or coding of these builders so we can’t put these things in. This is usually a point where you need to look into another solution.

3. The options are there, but your monthly amount increases a ton

Maybe that golden feature is available from the company, and it is exactly what you need. But your plan doesn’t cover it, or they need to do something special to get it added in. In the end it’s going to increase your bill by so much per month. Usually when there is a price change this is when you need to look at how much is this going to cost me over the year, versus the cost of a one-time website development.

You’re Just Starting and Need Something Online Today

This is a great reason to really go with something like Wix or another builder, just to get sometime there, maybe pay for a custom domain, which later on can be moved around. When you first start in business, it is expensive; everywhere you turn there is someone handing an invoice to you. Your business may just be starting, and you can’t afford the capital investment. That’s ok, we have all been there as business owners. Once your business starts to pick up, you can then look into a professional to get you online.

You as the owner of your business will know when this time is, when you start looking at your current site and realize it needs more, or it just isn’t performing the way you want it to, these are all questions and concerns that will come to you when it’s time to change and move into owning your website, rather then having someone else own it for you.

If you think you are on this stage of your business, get in touch with DrakeCo, trust me, I will be honest, and work out the ideal solution for you. I can help you form a plan that will in the end make your decision easier, giving you different options, and end results so when it comes time to crunch the numbers, you can make a smart and informed decision about your web investment.


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