Top 3 Tips for Staying Consistent on Social Media!

It might sound like a no-brainer, but one thing we ALWAYS tell our clients is that you need to be CONSISTENT, especially when it comes to Social Media Marketing. Why? Because your audience needs to know what they can expect from you. Consistency doesn’t necessarily mean posting every day or posting at the same time of the day. It doesn’t necessarily mean having a theme each day either (like fun-fact Friday). It just means, whatever you choose to do – do it consistently.

Here are our three top tips for being consistent in Social Media!

    1. Post Regularly
      As I said, that doesn’t mean it has to be every day – it could be every other day, or three days a week. But, whatever you choose – stick to it. This reassures your audience that they can expect to see posts often and consistently (even if it isn’t every day). Find a schedule that works for your life and then stick to it. Scheduling apps like Facebook Creator Studio or Later can help you schedule all your posts for the month (or week) ahead of time to help you stay consistent!


    2. Your Message
      When you’re creating your posts, make sure they’re consistent with your business and brand. If you’re a candle-making business, your posts should be reflective of that. This is especially important if you’re using more than one social media platform. Your audience should know what to expect if they follow you on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn. Having a consistent message strengthens your brand and helps your audience understand what you’re all about.


    3. Aesthetics
      Who doesn’t love a beautifully curated page? To know the brand or the creator took the extra steps to make their feed look consistent just gives me all the heart eyes. Keep your graphics aesthetically pleasing to the eye by using edits and filters that are reflective of your brand. If you follow a pattern as we do, stay consistent with it. When it comes to the length of your post, our best advice is to find an appropriate length that your audience tends to comment on. Reading a lengthy post can sometimes burden the reader and they lose interest fast. We always recommend keeping it short and sweet, while getting your message across but see what works best for your audience!

If you’ve tried these tips you’re still struggling to be consistent, maybe it’s time to consider outsourcing this task. At DrakeCo, we are always happy to help create social media content for business owners. Get in touch with us today and let’s get consistent!


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