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One of the hardest parts about being an online business, or even just a business trying to gain more online presence is finding content to share online to help your audience engage and interact with your social media, e-mail and web strategies. Time after time we are constantly hearing business owners tell us the struggles they have with finding content to share with their audience.

Many business owners struggle with this, even the best of the best online sometimes just hit a creative road block, whether it’s life, or just trying to bring your business to the next level, content can be one of the most difficult components to your online marketing strategy. So, we have developed a list to help the online business owner with some inspiration to come up quick content ideas for your audience.

Ask about other businesses

The one thing that is true about business in general, is businesses sharing a working partnership, B2B relationships are so important because making those connections allowing you to find other businesses that can help yours. By having your audience share businesses on your page you also appear within their feeds and searches. So ask your audience for recommendations on services or products you are looking for.

Ask your audience directly

Stuck for some creative ideas? Let your audience be the driving force. They know what they want to hear and see from you, so why not ask them to come up with the ideas for you? Your audience may have specific questions or concerns about what you do, take this input and turn it into golden content that your audience will engage with.

Everyone likes some fun, turn it into a game

Challenges and games are great ways to easily get your audience engaging on your content, because in order to “win” or “get entered” they must perform an action, whether that’s answering a few questions, solving a problem or tagging someone or another business it helps boost your engagement overall.

Get feedback about your products and services

User cases are key with any product or service online, because they aren’t just static testimonials on your website, they are actual people raving about what you do and what you offer. Have your audience show them using your products, or record a short video to share their experience on your page.

Give a tip or simple time saver

Everyone needs a little help with time these days, sharing quick tips that will make life easier, or save some time during the day will attract your audience to follow for more. If you’re in the nutrition businesses you could share specific ingredients to help spice up a recipe without adding calories, or if you’re in cosmetics, tips on applying makeup.

Record it and post it

There is no secret behind the fact that video will always perform better than images or text online. People love to watch you and your business in action, rather than read. Take any of these quick content ideas and hop in front of the camera and record it, then share online. Always remember to provide a call to action, ask questions, ask for reviews or ask for opinions to keep your content being engaging.

Share a local causes story

Do you have a local charity or cause that you believe strongly in? Help them by sharing their story on your networks. Your audience not only wants to see you as a business, they also want to see you as an individual. Always check with then charity prior to mentioning or sharing information about them for approval, but if a yes, it will benefit both you and them equally, if your audience knows you are passionate about it, they are more likely to help in any way they can, they also are more likely to connect with you on a personal level, making it easier to work with or purchase from you.

Share your “my work mood playlist”

Do you have certain songs you listen to that pump you up when you are working on your business? So why not share your favourite songs with your audience. If your audience really is yours, we bet, they will have more than enough great things to say about the songs your share. Add a personal touch to the playlist by explaining why this song helps, and how it really makes you feel.

Take a myth out of the industry

Every industry has them, Myths that people believe about specific products or services, but all of these myths are sitting around waiting to be busted. Take a few common myths you hear from others within your industry, or those you know about and put the facts to the fiction, explain to your audience about why these are myths, and the real story behind how they came to be.

With all of these tips we hope you are able to start the creative flow to get your content rolling, although there are lots of other ideas out there, we hope this list will help any businesses with their creative drought.

Have topics that you love to turn to when you’re not sure what to post? We’d love to hear them, leave them in the comments below!


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