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Sassy Evolution was created out of a genuine LOVE for the bariatric community.

Lindsay and Christina joined forces with a goal to make the most COMPLETE bariatric wellness program available.

Christina had the bariatric experience and the nutrition information on LOCK. Lindsay knows fitness and mindset like the back of her hand and bringing it all together was MAGIC.

We knew we could help people individually, but just changing what you eat, or just exercising is only PART of the equation. If you truly desire LONG TERM RESULTS – you need to incorporate ALL the pillars of wellness and that is why Sassy Evolution was born.

At Sassy Evolution, we bring you a “been there/done that” approach coupled with a “keepin’ it real” outlook. We are authentic. And we will always tell it to you straight.

We are INVESTED in your success. We don’t care about a number on a scale, or a percentage of weight lost, we don’t have “numbers” or “quotas” to hit in regards to your weight loss – we want you to define what success means to you and let us help you get there.

How We Helped


Website Redesign


Graphic Design


Social Media


Membership Portal


Content Creation

The Story

DrakeCo began with Sassy Evolution assisting with content creation, graphic design and social media assistance. This soon grew to the creation of their new online members portal, website, landing pages and simplifing their online automation systems.

DrakeCo continues to provide on-going support to Sassy Evolution within multiple parts of their online business.

Website Design

Graphic Design

Social Media Management

Online Payment Processing

Content Creation

System Automation

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Our Approach

We determine your needs as a business

We work directly with you; to learn about your business, what you want to achieve and everything you have to offer as the expert in your industry. All businesses are different, even those from the same industry. We don’t base our solutions off of “common industry needs” but off of your individual needs, because we understand that not all businesses run the same way.


We plan the perfect solution

Taking in all of what we learned about you and your business, we strategize as a team to determine the perfect solution(s) for your business; we offer alternatives and work closely with you to decide if this is a great fit. Including you is vital in this process, because in the end, you make the final call on what your business does.

We implement the core solutions

After finding the perfect match, Kim & Co. implements what we have set forth, taking each piece, branding it to your business and implementing it to its fullest. We watch and monitor the progress, and adjust it as needed; still working very closely with you to make sure everything is going as expected.

Together we celebrate your success!

This is the part we love the most, and we know you will to. We get on a call, look over the results, and “virtually” cheer on your success. It doesn’t stop here, we continue this simple process month after month, watching your business grow and maximize its reach online.

Kind Words from Sassy Evolution

Working with Kim & Chris has been nothing short of amazing. As creative business owners, we have LOTS of ideas, but we often lack the technological know how that is required to turn our ideas into profit. That is where Drake & Co has helped us. We come to them with ideas and they help us streamline our ideas and then take them from concept to cash flow! We love that they involve us in the process and we still feel very much in control of our business. They use REAL TALK, and understand we are not tech gurus. It has been such a pleasure to work with them both and we cannot wait for future projects.

Christina & Lindsay

CEOs, Sassy Evolution

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