4 ways to spring clean your business

Longer days, warmer weather, growing grass – I don’t know about you, but it puts me in the mood to clean, declutter, and get organized. I mean my house, but I also mean my business. So now is a great time to get your business organized, cleaned up, and decluttered.


Declutter and organize your workspace

By workspace, I mean your physical workspace. Whether that means your desk, office, or bedroom – take some time to declutter and organize wherever you do your work. That stack of papers you’ve been meaning to “get to.” Now is the time to get to it. The empty stapler you keep meaning to fill up, yep, it’s time to fill it. Take a quick inventory of your supplies and what you need to restock. Also, you have my permission to buy yourself cute little organizational containers to make your desk look pretty and be functional. You do you, girl!


Declutter and organize your virtual workspace

I mean your computer files, email inbox, desktop, etc. Go through the documents and files on your computer and organize them to make sense for you and your business. I will state the obvious and say, delete any files or documents you don’t need or have duplicates of (I know you know that, but you HAVE held on to them for this long….).

Organize your tasks and to-do lists

Now is a great time to establish some new organizational tools. At Kim & Co Online, we love using Asana to organize and delegate our tasks. There are TONS of apps (some free, some not) to manage your tasks all in one place, like ClickUp, Trello, or Flow. Take a look around and find one that works for you!


Freshen up your business 

While you’re spring cleaning and feeling inspired and motivated, now is also a great time to quickly look over your website. Maybe you want to update some personal or life changes on your website, add updated photos, products or services. Whatever it is, there’s nothing like NOW to freshen up your business and website.


Those are our four top tips to help you spring clean your business. Organizing and decluttering your business will increase your motivation because who doesn’t love a clean and functional workspace. PLUS, remember all those cute organization containers you bought? LOVE! It’ll also make you more productive, i.e. you’ll spend less time searching for things since you took the time to create systems that work for you! Spring cleaning your office space will make it look better, but I bet it’ll make you feel better too!


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