Part 3 – Finding the Brand… Is there a right way?

“The path to YOUR brand is long, but if you embrace the challenge and change, it will eventually begin building itself.

So far in previous articles, we have gone through a bit of a shortened timeline of events with me and my business. The purpose of these articles is not just to share a quick story for some quick likes, but in the end to hopefully help shed some light on some of the challenges that most business owners or creative teams face with branding.

Your brand is you in the end, it’s your businesses face to the market, just like a job interview, it’s the first impression for catching the ideal client. This subject, I could go on forever about, but then you might get bored reading my posts after so long. So, let’s expand on the final stages of finding my brand; DrakeCo Designs.

DrakeCo was growing, and slowly evolving, into what it is today. So I decided to help it out a bit, I did some more research and digging online, I searched thousands of fonts, colours, colour pallets, I build a total of two hundred different logos and variations of logos and then it was there. The final product, the colours worked, they flowed, they felt right

I thought I had it, I started changing everything, colours, themes, layouts. I integrated some new features into my site, I was on fire, my creative spark had finally come to something that I loved. I used this for quite a while,

Then came the last part

As my wife and I were talking, she wanted to get a business going, a legit business, something that she could do that she would love to do on a daily basis. Our thoughts, let’s team up, work side by side, operating under the same name and somewhat same branding. Awesome! Except… my brand was a little too me…

The next branding experience I am going to tell you about, is something that some businesses go through, which is a merger/acquisition or formation of a partnership. This one is a big one, because it’s not only your brand now, it’s a joint venture, a partnership where there is more than one interested party in the brand.

Forming a partnership with my wife in this business has been great, because one, I suddenly realized what I never knew to be a missing piece of my brand, and secondly, someone else who had a strong interest in what happens with branding for opinions on what to do,

What was I missing? My target audience; I knew my market, I knew the types of businesses I wanted to appeal to, but with this exercise I learned the people I want to appeal to. This was the fastest and easiest change of them all, it pretty well fell into place.

And then there were three…

Yes, three websites, three logos, two businesses with one parent brand name, one social presence with two solutions that match hand and hand.

So what does this all mean to me?

From these articles, you can see my experience with branding, rebranding and tearing apart everything I thought was right when I started. We all start with a vision, this vision changes from time to time. Our businesses grow; what works today, may fail tomorrow. What I want everyone who reads this series to identify is that your brand today may change over time, your business will expand, your services will grow. You will grow. But one thing you must always do, is understand your end goal, understand the vital components of your business, and most importantly, trust yourself with your brand, then and only then, will your brand begin building itself.

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