Part 2 – Finding the Brand… Is there a right way?

“Your brand should be appealing to both you, and your target audience, without one of these, it will never fully represent your business.

Although in the last post it ended with so I changed it… I’m going to steer somewhat off course and tell a bit of a story in part two. For two reasons, one being; it was a major factor in my brand and second; it’s just like the branding process, one million ideas to result in one final product… Don’t worry I’ll come back to where we left off.

There are three women (or will be women) in my life that not just inspire my creative side but also push me to be the best I can, my wife Kim (who recently launched her own brand of DrakeCo – Virtual Solutions) and my two girls (three years and 8 months in the above picture). All three have contributed to my brand, image and overall business success.

Simply by getting input from my extremely crafty, creative and beautiful wife (also super smart and organized). Or by watching my two little (but growing fast) girls explore new parts of life and experience different obstacles and creative spells, these factors in combination with each other bring both ideas as well purpose to what I do on a daily basis.

DrakeCo is not just a job to me, it’s a passion, I enjoy what I do, I enjoy that it brings extras for my family, and I love that it helps others with simplifying web design as a whole. In a separate series I will get into the nitty gritty aspects of my business and its mission, but in this blog post we are all about branding. Just keep this past story in mind as you read on and into future blog posts as these popup stories all play a part of each other to learn more about me and my business.

So…. Back to the actual post…

I changed the name, it was a small milestone, but it was a milestone, a growth in my business, an accomplishment in itself, I finally had something that technically, could rank in the search engines with ease, as well that I kind of actually liked. It was now DrakeCo (just DrakeCo, not Designs, I’ll get to that part too).

With the name change, I started to like my brand again, it was good, traffic was increasing to my site, it was easier to create services and clients. From work perspective things were getting busier and everything seemed to be going good. But again, that voice started.

I started looking closer and closer at my site, tried to add functionality, and it worked but didn’t look all that good, everything was starting to look plain, old and out dated again, it just wasn’t working for me. So back on Google I went, and since my last change everything had changed again, for one main reason.

What I was doing before, had evolved into something much more… My services had changed, my brand was starting to actually form itself?

It was a strange concept because the last milestone or change seemed to be harder to go through, my brand was evolving into a bit of me, but with a heavy focus on clients, what they wanted, not just what I wanted. Because in the end, they provide the business.

Branding can be very complex, it’s not something that happens overnight, or even in a year. Sometimes you have the perfect website, colours and fonts, but, then your business expands and grows, you start moving into other lines of business, you see your industry changing. There are millions of reasons why we rebrand as business owners. We keep our content fresh and up to date to better form and preserve our image.

What is the next stage and story of my rebrand, well it’s a pretty big one, and the end results are what you see in front of you on your screen today.

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