You Need to Take Care of YOU! (Self-Care for Entrepreneurs!)

As entrepreneurs, we pride ourselves on taking care of our clients and our business. Add a spouse and kids into the mix and your plate is overflowing. If you’ve ever finished your day late into the night, realizing you hadn’t eaten anything all day, you understand what I mean. 


 A lot of us are so focused on getting things done and worrying about those around us that taking care of ourselves goes by the wayside (or if you’re anything like I was, it’s totally out the window). However, I (and many others) have learned the hard way that this does not work for the long term. You will burn out and you won’t be able to produce your best work or bring your best self to your clients, business, or home. 


 It’s time to start managing your health, happiness, and well-being with a major dose of self-care. I have some strategies and ways that have helped me implement some much-needed self-care into my life. Trust me, you are not alone if you think self-care means long days at the spa, expensive treatments, and hours upon hours of “alone” time. I have good news… that is not what it means! Here are some of the ways I have added self-care into my life. 


 Do NOT feel selfish for saying “no”. This is SO important, and I believe the first thing to understand when you start adding in self-care. Many of us feel guilty about saying no to people. We feel the need to take it all on and do all the things. Almost like we have failed if we say no. THIS IS NOT TURE! It couldn’t be further from the truth. Knowing and taking the time for yourself is not anywhere near being selfish. 


 Read a book. How many books do you have on your nightstand or bookshelf waiting to be read? I think I have five…maybe more. Spend some quiet time reading every day. It doesn’t have to be a long time, 20-30 minutes, heck even 5 or 10 would help. Allow yourself to get into the book and turn your brain off to things around you. 


 Exercise or attend a workout class. The most used excuse when it comes to exercise is “I don’t have the time”. I can tell you, adding in even 30 minutes of movement a day makes a huge difference. On the days I work out I have more energy, more clarity and I’m happier. And guess what…I do it from the comfort of my home using online fitness training!


 Sit in a quiet room or area and listen to an inspiring podcast or meditation. If you choose a podcast, pick one that takes your mind off of work and business. 


 Take social media apps off your phone or put them on a timer. This is so huge. I recently added a timer onto my phone so I could see how much time I spent on social media – WOW! Eye-opening. Mindless scrolling, drama, and the overload of information and negativity is so draining. Pick a time in the day where you don’t look at any social media. You will be surprised at how clear your mind is. You can also put restrictions onto your apps so they will only be available during certain hours. I did this so that I wasn’t seeing a ton of notifications when I woke up in the morning. I have it set to not show me my notifications until later in the morning (once I’ve had some coffee ;))


 Adding self-care into your day does not have to cost any money or take a lot of time. Start with a few quiet moments if that is all you have, or if that’s all you can give yourself, and build from there. I am confident you will see a shift in your business and life once you start taking care of yourself more. 


If you’d like some more ideas for self-care check out the link below for our self-care ideas for the busy entrepreneur!


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