Opt-ins and Your Website Traffic Flow

Is it really possible that a small opt-in form can actually turn out to be one of the most powerful drivers of traffic to your website? This really is a loaded question, because there are many factors that come into play with that three-field form, but in short, yes and oh, you bet so…

How does an opt-in gain my website traffic?

It’s an odd concept, because when you think of an opt-in what normally occurs? I visit a website, I see an awesome product that is about to launch and I want to be the first to know, because I think it’s going to change my life for the better! So, I give them my name, email address and hit submit.

But, what happens next is the true magic!

Once they have this information, they begin sending me some updates. “Hey Chris! Super awesome news, we just past beta testing and guess what… we want YOU to be the first to see this live demo…”
A call to visit my website (or their website…) so I click the link, and watch this awesome video about something that I am interested in, then I keep getting emails, daily, even weekly asking me to visit their website for a sneak peek at a recent change or update.

This in summary, is how an effective opt-in can turn one simple email into a huge traffic source for your website…

Think of any website that you have visited recently, and provided your email address to, they are always in touch, always leading you to their website through links, special offers and more — because, they want you to trust their brand, come view the latest news on their products and development, and most importantly, sell their product to you, when it comes time.

Any opt-in can not only keep people up to date on the latest news in your company, it can be a great traffic builder, from a search optimization perspective, this will build reputation on your website, because more and more people are trusting that your content is authentic and real. From an advertising perspective, targeted ads convert into higher sales volumes because someone has shown interest, and will continue to visit your website.

Why not try it out? Create an opt-in, send out emails using an email management provider and I bet you will see the traffic on your website soar!

Bloom Email Optin Plugin


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