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One of the biggest struggles any entrepreneur has, especially one who accesses client accounts on their behalf is remembering every single password they use whether it’s regularly or from time to time. We all have to do it multiple times per week, clicking the dreaded Forgot Password Link, entering our e-mail addresses, waiting for the confirmation e-mail, then coming up with a new password that, well, we hope we will remember.

On the other hand, if you work with a team of people not local to you, you may also have the struggle of how can I get the login information they need to them securely and safely, even though we all try our hardest to keep our accounts safe and secure online, there is nothing that truly is 100% secure in today’s digital world, the need to find a way to transmit confidential information is becoming more and more of a demand.

Because of these any many other reasons, we wanted to share one of the many tools we use here at DrakeCo, and highly recommend to all our clients to help easily share their login information, as well allow us to share login information within our team.

LastPass is a password manager that integrates across all of your devices, allowing you to carry your passwords wherever you go, and can easily access passwords when you need them most (you know that OMG I FORGOT TO DO THIS time, that all entrepreneurs have.

Features of LastPass

One of the biggest advantages of LastPass is being able to access all of your login information with one e-mail address and password. This password (the master password) is unrecoverable, if you forget it, you’ve lost all of your information, that being said, you need one password not the 20 odd passwords you actually have.

LastPass also integrates seamlessly within all of your devices and internet browsers, with one click you can access all login information for a particular website or app and select the appropriate account, it will then automatically place the proper information in and allow you access.

You also have the ability to create groups within LastPass, to better organize all of your passwords. Groups (Folders) can contain an unlimited amount of account information. For example, at DrakeCo, we have folders for Personal login (our stuff) then a huge number of folders dedicated to each client. This allows us to easily find, as well share information between our team when working on projects together.

Sharing passwords has never been easier, you can share a single password or a group of passwords with your team or clients, this will send them an e-mail asking them to accept the invitation, which then automatically adds the login information to their LastPass account, at any time access can be removed from these shares as well, if there are updates to the passwords or usernames, everyone will get the latest information without needing to re-share the information or send it through e-mail / messages where it could potentially be found.

These are only some of the many features of LastPass, but best of all, it has a free account so you can try it out, simply go to lastpass.com to sign up for your account today and stop using that Forgot Password link.

There are many password managers out there, LastPass is what we have found to fit our business best, however, we would love to hear about your experience either with LastPass or other programs out there, what password manager do you use? Why does it work for you? What makes it your number one choice? Leave your responses in the comments below.


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