Social Media Overwhelm

With everything that happens in a day when you’re an entrepreneur, it can become easy from time to time to get overwhelmed with any part of your business. But hands down, one common concern we hear on a regular basis from our clients is that they are overwhelmed with social media in general.

It’s no surprise this is the case, it can be very overwhelming to try to make it online, especially on social networks that are continually changing on what seems to be a daily basis at times. But how is it that so many other businesses really succeed on social networks?

We all look to others within our industry and wonder, what is their secret, how do they always have people engaging with their posts and loving their content?

If the above sounds like you, this blog is for you. Many things about business can be overwhelming and make you feel like you’re falling further and further behind, however, we hope you continue reading on with these tips to take the overwhelm out of your social strategy and change it to an overwhelming feeling of success.

Everyone feels like this sometimes…

Like everything in business, you feel overwhelmed, lost, and even like you’re failing. This is one of the largest problems with being in business, because not everything runs as it should, not all investments will become huge ROI drivers. But if there is one thing that is for sure, you are not alone, you and millions of other entrepreneurs have felt and will feel this way from time to time. What’s the best solution? Take a step back, and talk about it.

Talk with fellow entrepreneurs about strategy, successful postings or timings, content they have used and subjects they have found to be super successful, we can guarantee you that at some point or another, they have also hit this road block, and know what it’s like to go through it, but more importantly how amazing it feels to overcome the overwhelming feelings.

Business was meant to be a community of people who share a passion in living their dreams, creating their “space” where they can define what they can and cannot do, without the corporate hierarchy to hold them back. Especially if you are within the small to medium sized business sector, it is critical that you develop relationships with other business owners, working with them through your lows and helping them up from theirs.

Stop doing what you hate and put your focus on what you love

There is no question that some parts of your business won’t be your favourite, but for every part you don’t enjoy about your business, there’s usually someone who has made a business doing just that. When you find yourself putting off or even losing passion for your business because of one task (great example, creating social media content or strategies) simply find someone to be part of your online team to do this on your behalf.

It may seem like you are giving up part of your business and leaving it to some other business, but in fact, off-loading these tasks to someone else, leaves you more time to do what you love and brings your passion and energy back to your business.

It works for them, but it may not be for you

XYZ business does such amazing quotes and relates it to their products so well, why can’t I ever get that type of results from quotes? Well if company XYZ is posting about their beauty products and how they inspire self-love, and you’re in the accounting field and want to post about self-love, the two just don’t relate. However you can put a spin on the quotes and make them all about loving your finances it just might work for you.

Not everything will work for each and every business, this highly depends on your audience, what they are looking for, what they want to see from you and your business and most importantly, why they came to follow you in the beginning. You first need to define your audience, what they love, what they really don’t care about, then you can start finding the right mix of content for them to follow.

Social media can at times be very frustrating, and almost exhausting from time to time, however, you must always remember, even though someone else might have succeeded doing it one way, it may not be the way that works best for you and your business. If you’ve found the way, or think you have and you have also found that it’s just something that doesn’t appeal to you as part of your business, look around for other businesses that do this on your behalf, such as our Online Business Solutions, where we help many businesses with their online presence, and in specific social media content and strategies.

What is your feelings about social media, what do you love about it and what do you find frustrating? We’d love to hear it, leave it in the comments below!


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