How does your website really boost your social presence?

This is a loaded question for sure. There are many ways to utilize your website to boost your social presence online, I would love to go into full details, but I will cover the basics for now, however, if you have any questions about this or want more information on Social Media and Your Website, feel free to drop us a line on our Facebook Page and we will be happy to assist!


Promotions are great to share online with your customers or potential customers. This can be done without a website, but, in order to sell those promotions, it’s much easier to have a website that is enabled to accept payments.

Hosting a promotion on your website does two things. One, it allows customers that visit on a regular basis to get the promotion right away. Secondly, it allows you to share it as a promotion and have an ad direct people right to your actual sales page or selling point on your website. This will help in multiple ways such as engagement on your ads, being captured by Facebook Pixels for further advertising as well as, enabled the visitors to share on their social media.

You could run a contest directly from your website, in order to be selected you share this page online leading these new potential customers to your website, which then, if setup, allow Pixels to capture them and use them for future advertising.


Blogs are a great way to teach, inform and share stories about your business, these are great for building engagement on social media. You share a blog, write a bit about it, and then ask a follow up question.

This will allow and invite your readers to not only view your latest content, but also engage and organically spread your page around.

Blogs also, if setup with Facebook Pixels allow you to target readers in future ads to funnel them into your Facebook page.



In recent years, video has exploded online, written blogs like these are now just as common as a Vlog (Video Blog). Video and really any multi-media is great because people can watch or listen on their own terms and time, rather than sitting down to read a blog, they simply start the audio, or watch the video well working on something else. It’s the new age blog, that being said, they also help your YouTube grow tremendously.

If you are looking to expand your subscribers, you can host your videos right on your website, placing specific call to actions to visit and subscribe for the latest videos, this funneling the viewers to your channel to view more and subscribe so they are notified of the latest published video.

Again these are just some of the main ways a website can help with your social presence, pulling together all of the different components of online marketing, the larger picture is many more ways, but these are a few to get you started.

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