Evaluating Your Business in 2020

Well 2020 was a crazy year, to say the least and no one could have predicted what was going to happen. Obviously a pandemic can have a HUGE impact on your business. Some businesses lost revenue, some businesses had to completely shut their doors, but a few of the lucky ones were able to move to an online platform and grow their business during this time. Whatever category your business falls into, it’s still important to evaluate and reflect on your goals. What went well? What didn’t? Let’s take a look…


Reflect back on the goals you made at the beginning of the year, did you achieve them? Why or why not? Maybe your goal was to increase your social media presence and forcing your business online helped you achieve that. Or maybe it was to bring in a certain amount of income or revenue and unfortunately sales didn’t reach your goal (or maybe they did!). Once the pandemic hit, did you re-evaluate your goals? Perhaps your goals for 2020 were no longer realistic. Is there anything else that could have been holding you back from achieving your goals? Of course, some things may be out of your control, but is there anything in your control that you can change for the upcoming year?


Now that you’ve reflected on the past year, how do you move forward and plan your goals for 2021? I want you to take a minute and think, if everything went EXACTLY as you hoped, what would your business look like in a year from now? How can you achieve that? Is it a big scary goal? Is it 2-3 smaller goals? Is it an area of your business that you want to focus on?


Those are just a few of the questions I use to guide DrakeCo’s goals for the upcoming year. It takes some time, some refection, and some planning.


Remember, a goal without planning is just a wish!


If you need help getting started with planning your goals, we have created a goals worksheet that can help guide you through. If you’d like a copy leave a comment below and we will get it to you! Or if you’d like more 1:1 help you can get in touch with us and book a goal planning session! We would love to help you reach your goals in 2021!


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