5 ways to Prepare Your Business for the Summer Slump

Summer is the best season. Sunshine, heat, swimming, and endless playing. But, on the other hand, as a business owner, it can be the time of year where you aren’t feeling as comfortable about your business.

The majority of businesses notice a big slow down during the Summer months or a Summer slump. As a business owner, this can be challenging and disheartening if you’re not aware of it or prepared.

While this time can be frustrating and stressful it does not mean it’s the end of your business or time to put your business on hold. In fact, this is the time to work on things you’ve been wanting to change or implement but have had to hold off due to lack of time.

Here are a few ways to help your business get through the Summer Slump!

1. Up your Social Media game:
This is a great time to plan and put out some amazing content. Use Facebook lives, IGTV, and Instagram stories to share a glimpse into your life. This gives clients and potential clients the chance to get to know. While people are still on social media platforms, many are not looking to read long posts but would rather watch what’s going on. Take the time to change the look layout, cover photos, and update any templates you use.

2. Make a list of to-dos:
Chances are you have a long list of things to get done that have been pushed to the side due to client work. This is your chance to get that done! Update your website, organize your desk, files, and emails. Take some time to make a detailed list of things you’ve wanted to change and update. When you have some time, work on the items one by one. Getting these projects done will help your business to become more streamlined and productive by the end of the Summer.

3. Market your business:
As a business owner this is something that should be done all year, however, if you’ve been busy there is a good chance it’s been put off. With the Summer slump, it’s the perfect time to up the marketing. Look at the things you have done to market before. What’s worked? What hasn’t? What are some strategies you’ve wanted to implement but haven’t had the time? Use this time to try different ways to market your business and make a marketing plan for the fall so that you don’t have to stress about it when you are busier!

4. Learn something new:
If you’ve been wanting to learn a new program or a different skill this is the time to do it. Sign up for online classes, register for a course, or read some blogs on a topic of interest. OR…enjoy the outdoors while listening to a podcast! Once you’ve learned something new that can benefit your business and clients, use that in your marketing. Be sure to let your audience know you’ve been learning new skills and becoming an expert in your field.

5. Take time to relax:
It’s important to work in your business and keep up with your clients, but it’s equally important to take time to unwind with your family and friends. Take some time each day to disconnect and recharge.

The Summer slump does not need to be a negative time for your business. With some planning and adjusting this can be a great time for your business and way to head into the fall with more energy and better systems.

What is your favourite thing to do for your business during the summer months?


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