5 Simple Productivity Hacks to Help Increase Your Q3

There are still two months left to make Q3 successful and set yourself up for an even better Q4. All it takes is some planning, discipline and hard work. Don’t forget about the goals you set for yourself at the start of the year. 

Yes, 2020 has taken some challenging turns that none of us saw coming, however, that shouldn’t stop you from working hard and achieving your goals. In fact, it should motivate you to push harder. 

If you’re lacking motivation and having a hard time being productive at home (with kids, a spouse and some nice weather to top it off) we are bringing you 5 productivity tips to make Q3 your best ever. 

Find your time wasters.

For many of us, this is social media, which is tough because as an online business, we use Instagram, Facebook and other channels for our own business as well as our clients, but the scrolling, story and video watching is a time-waster. Whatever your time wasters are, make a list. When you notice you’re wasting time on something, it goes on the list. This will help to bring your attention to what you are actually spending your time on. A great way to think about it is “am what I’m doing on social media going to bring me an ROI in my business?” If the answer is no…time to get off! 

Complete your most important tasks first.

It’s easy to start your day with the easy simple tasks to clear them off of your plate, but when you tackle the harder, possibly longer tasks first thing when your motivation is high, it will be a relief that it’s done. When you follow this process, it will help to increase your productivity. 

Finding a schedule

One that works for your personality, lifestyle and family is key to being the most productive. If you are a night owl but try to work early in the morning, you may find you are dragging your feet and find it hard to concentrate. Figure out the time of the day you have the most clarity and feel the most productive and make that your working time. 

Get crystal clear on your goals.

Sometimes, at this point in the year, the goals you set 6 months ago can feel out of reach or even not important anymore. When you are clear on the goals you want to reach it’s easier to layout (and stay focused on) your daily, weekly and monthly goals. When you focus on your goals, you will start cutting out the things that make you “busy” and you will start being productive. 

Make your to-do list the night before.

The act of writing out your tasks can actually ease anxiety and help you start.Having your tasks written out will help to keep you on track and focused on the things you need to get done. Plus, the act of crossing things off can give a sense of accomplishment. When you get to your desk in the morning you won’t have to wonder what task to get started on, you already have your list completed. You can start your day off on the right, productive foot. 

If you use your time wisely, implement ways to be productive and stay focused, you will hit your goals. Set yourself up for success by using these productivity tips and make the best use of your time. 

If you have a productivity tip of your own, we would love to hear it! 


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