As consumers, it’s no secret that we live in a VERY digital world. We are constantly consuming information, researching businesses, and reading product reviews before deciding on anything. But what does that mean for businesses that are on the other side of what consumers are looking for? 


Well, start with a blog. A blog is one of your business’s most effective and versatile tools. It provides a solution and helps to solve many complex issues that are the core foundation of any online business. Here are 5 reasons why your business needs a blog! 


It builds your brand.

Just as your logo and brand board build your brand, your blog can also play a huge factor in brand identity. Your voice will be heard through your writing, and your audience will begin to understand who you really are. A blog allows you to express yourself however you like – you can write about your feelings, your mission, and what you love. You can also demonstrate your skills, knowledge, and expertise by sharing tips and tricks with your audience. 


It helps with your visibility. 

One of the most valuable aspects of search engine optimization (SEO) is to share new content regularly. This allows search engines to find more information to share and relate to their searches each day. Having fresh content brings new queries and searches directly to your website and allows your visibility to increase dramatically. 


It pulls your audience off third-party platforms.

I always think of social media platforms as rented spaces. At any time, the landlord could shut the whole thing down, and now you’ve lost everything you’ve worked so hard to build. Imagine having a business only on Instagram and you lose your account. You’ve lost your followers, your brand, and your entire business. Inviting your audience off the platform to visit your blog gives them another way to connect with you. 


It builds the know-like-trust factor.

Even in the online world, people still relate to people. People want to know you, like you and trust you before purchasing your products or services. By having a blog, you can use your website to build a personal connection with your audience and share whatever you want with them. Think of your blog as a direct way to communicate with your audience. A space to talk about whatever you want and showcase your products and services, all while letting your brand personality shine through. 

It allows your audience to provide feedback.

When you write a blog, you do it in a way that allows you to demonstrate your knowledge and expertise. You are in control and your readers look to you for advice and direction. You have pulled them in and now it’s time to show them that you’re the real deal in the online world. Having a comments section in your blog can create a two-way conversation with your audience by engaging directly with them. Encourage them to leave comments, suggestions and feedback directly on the blog – but remember to respond to them too! 


If you are looking for ways to build your business, reach new audiences, and show off your expertise, take these reasons as motivation to start a blog! Not only does it benefit your business, but it’s also a fun little space where you can write about whatever you want and it creates content that can be shared across multiple platforms in multiple different ways. Not only will this increase your social media presence, but you’ll also bring new visitors to your website. Two birds, one stone, right? 


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