4 Simple Steps to Help you Grow Your Email List

In our last blog, we talked all about why your business needs an email list (if you missed it you can find it here), so now we are going to tell you how to start and grow your list. Building an email list can be tricky. It takes time to plan and build but these four steps will help you get started on the right foot. 


Step one: Create an opt-in

Opt-ins are a great way to grab your reader’s attention and spark engagement within your community of potential clients. The best part is, you can create anything you want. A few examples of opt-ins are: 

  • How to guides
  • Instructional videos
  • Create an ebook related to your field and offer a free download when they sign up
  • Subscriber only masterclasses
  • Subscriber only challenge

You want to create an opt-in that adds value to the lives of your target audience and entices them to sign-up. Ensure your opt-in is visually appealing, offers helpful advice or solutions to common problems and has a clear call to action. This can take the most time in creating. Start by writing down different problems your ideal client has and find different ways you can solve them in ebooks, guides and videos. 


Step two: Use your social media 

If you use Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or any other social media channel, and you have a following, posting about your email can be a great way to build your list. These are people who are already following you, are interested in your business and what you have to say, so why not give them the option to be a part of your email list. Create posts about subscriber only specials, or giveaways. Again, finding ways to entice your following to sign up with things that excite them. 


Step three: Optimize your website 

When potential clients visit your website, they are already interested to some degree in what you are offering. Leverage the opportunity to add them to your email list by adding signup forms on the important pages they would visit on your website. This is where having a good opt-in will help to entice the prospect to sign up and see more of what you have to offer. 


Step four: Utilize your blog

Having a blog is a great way to help build a more personal relationship with your readers, and a great way to build your email list. End your blogs with a call to action that encourages the reader sign up for your email list. You can also set up your commenting where the reader would need to leave their email in order to leave a comment. 


These are just a few of many ideas on how to start building your list. You want to let your ideal clients and audience know about your email list and get them excited to be a part of it. Although an email list is not complicated to implement, building it does take time, consistency and is a huge piece in marketing your business so it takes a lot of planning. If you need help getting your email list started we are always happy to help! 


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