3 Easy Ways to Create Goals For the Upcoming Year!

I don’t know about you, but I feel like 2021 FLEW passed. I’m sure that it’s likely because we had kids home from school most of the year, we completed a home renovation, and we were navigating our way through lockdowns, BUT here we are, in the last month of the year. And, ya, maybe it was a rocky start to the year, but we’ve ended it on a high note which gives us tons of motivation to dive into 2022 with BIG goals! 


As a business, your focus may be on the finishing touches for 2021, especially if this is your busy season. But, I want you to spend some time thinking about goals for 2022. You can start by thinking about the goals you had set for 2021 and evaluating how you did with those. Read our blog on wrapping up 2021 for tips and tricks for evaluating your goals from this year and how it can help you plan out your goals for next year. 


So, grab a pen and a paper (or your favorite online app), and let’s get started with goal planning. Here are our 3 top tips for easy goal planning: 

Determine goals

The first step to creating goals is to think about what you want to achieve in your business in the new year. Maybe your goals are specific and have a numerical value to them, like increasing your social media following, a particular income, taking on more clients, the release of a new class or session, or a specific number of services/packages you want to sell. Your goals could also be more subjective, like, becoming more authentic with your business, cutting back or increasing the services you WANT to be doing, creating better business hours, or establishing better boundaries. Where do you see your business going next year?


Map out your goals

Now you have an idea of where you want your business to go. It’s time to determine how you will get there. What does that look like? It’s breaking down the big goals you listed above and making them more specific. Many professionals use the S.M.A.R.T strategy (Specific, Measureable, Attainable, Relevant, Time-Bound) to break down their goals further. 

  • Specific  – Make your goals specific using precise working and details
  • Measurable – Add an aspect to your goal that allows you to track your progress
  • Attainable  – Your goals should challenge you, but also be realistic and within reach
  • Relevant – Evaluate the goals and make sure they’re essential to your business
  • Time-Bound – create a deadline for your goal. Deadlines help prevent procrastination. 


Create a plan

You’ve got goals. You’ve mapped them out. Now it’s time to plan out exactly how you’re going to achieve them. An actionable plan that you can follow through with. So write down your goals, put your deadlines in your calendar, and celebrate along the way. Now you can put your map into action.

Now you have your goals for 2022 and a plan on how exactly you will achieve them. Your goals will become actions, and those actions become successes! We can’t wait to cheer you on and watch you crush your goals this year!  



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