Three boundaries you NEED to set in your business TODAY!

Do you find yourself answering client emails or texts at all hours of the day and into the night? 

Do you reply to emails and messages during vacation or time off?

Do you hop on the computer to whip up a quick project because a client needs it immediately? 

Do you take on more work than you can accommodate because you hate to say no? 

Do you take on work from a client outside of the agreed-upon tasks?


Ya, me too. I’ve been there, and I’ve done it. 


I started a business because I wanted something that would eventually give me a better work-life balance. However, I found myself doing the exact opposite since I didn’t have solid boundaries. I’d work through my scheduled vacations, evenings, weekends, and even answer a phone call during dinner with the kids. It was a constant struggle, and I knew I had to change things. That’s when I started setting boundaries. If you’re finding yourself in the same position, I encourage you to develop some boundaries for your business.

If you aren’t sure where to start, here are three boundaries to add to your business today:

Contact and Time Boundaries

Just because you left your traditional 9-5 job doesn’t mean you must work on demand. Set your contact hours for a time that fits your life. If you drop your kids off at school, make sure you give yourself time to get home and settled before you “open for business.” Setting this standard will tell clients when they can reach you. Make a plan for when a client can expect a reply if they contact you outside of these hours. Setting this boundary will ensure that you’re not answering phone calls at 8 pm on a Sunday. 


Task and Expectation Boundaries

What does it look like if a client needs work done outside the agreed-upon work or contracted hours? Are there additional charges for hours or services, or do you find yourself squeezing it in? If it’s a task you don’t offer or don’t enjoy doing, it’s okay to tell your client that you don’t provide that. If you don’t mind doing something, it’s okay to have additional fees attached to it. If clients frequently ask for more services or hours, consider putting them on a monthly service plan that accommodates their requests.

Personal Boundaries

This one is specific to YOU. Do you have set off-time from work? Even off days? I know you’re trying to build a business, and it’s hard to convince yourself to take time off because you have goals that you want to CRUSH. But, there’s no benefit in crushing goals if it will lead to a creative block or burnout. You will crush goals, even if you take time off. So, when you take Sundays off to spend time with your family – make sure you are taking Sundays off to spend with your family (even if it means turning your phone off or leaving it behind). The same goes for vacations too. If you’re planning a vacation, give your clients plenty of notice and let them know the expectations during your vacation time (will someone else on the team respond to emails? When should projects be submitted for completion before you go on vacation, etc.). Then, once it becomes a habit to take time off, you can prioritize your work to ensure that tasks are completed during your work hours. 


Those are my three biggest tips when setting boundaries within your business, so you aren’t an on-demand employee. 


Remember, it’s never too late to make changes or instill boundaries. You deserve it; think of it as a bit of self-care!


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