The four types of content you should be creating

Creating content regularly can be challenging. It can be hard to develop new content ideas, keep things interesting, and create content that engages with your audience. Let’s not forget about the ever-so-real writers’ block. It happens to the best of us, and there is nothing worse than staring at your computer, thinking of content, and coming up empty-handed. So, here are four types of content:



Your audience loves learning things from you! Tips and tricks of the trade, cool new ways to use products, and everyday hacks (who doesn’t love that?) Create content that provides free education. They’re looking for expertise, so share it!



It’s no surprise that you’ll be offering and marketing services and products as a business, so it’s okay to share that with them. Your audience will want to know what services and products you offer and if you’re having a promotion or sale on them. Give them the solution to their problems. If you don’t tell them about your promotions, they won’t know.


Have you read a good book or listened to a great podcast recently? Or maybe you came across a quote that resonated with you. Share it with your audience. Tell them your story of how your business came to be or when you finally made the leap into entrepreneurship. Let your audience know that you get them, that you’re relatable, and that you believe in them.



Sometimes people turn to social media to escape reality – to scroll without thinking about it. Providing them with entertaining content provides laughs and shows your personality. It also lets them in on a major secret – you’re a real person! Entertaining your audience connects with them on a different level. Be creative, have fun, and let loose a little.


When you’re struggling to create content, try to lean into one of these categories and pull ideas from there. Then, when all else fails, just be yourself. Your audience follows you for a reason, and it’s okay to show them who you really are!  


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