Our 3 Must-Haves for Starting a Business in the Digital Era

Starting a new business is an exciting and challenging venture. You might feel like you need to be everywhere in the online world to establish an online presence. And while an online presence can be a huge factor in the success of your business, it doesn’t mean you need to be everywhere. These are our 3 must-haves for the online world: 


An Email List

An email list has to be one of the most underrated ways to market your business. An email list is a great way to connect with your subscribers and build relationships with them. When you create an email list, you are in total control of what gets sent to your subscribers, how often you send it, and what you want to write. There are no filters or forbidden topics; it’s just you and your subscribers. You can send them promotions, discounts and incentives. Plus, it can be completely customized to reflect your brand. In our opinion, this should be a priority in your business. 


An Active Social Media Presence

Social media has revolutionized the way businesses interact with their customers. Now, you can reach followers and potential clients or customers worldwide. But just because you’re on social media doesn’t mean you have to be on every platform. Choose the platforms your target audience will use and show up there. BE CONSISTENT. I cannot stress that enough. Showing up consistently is the most important factor on social media. It doesn’t have to be every day or every other day. But it HAS to be consistent. 


A Captivating Website

A website is the virtual face of your brand. It’s where potential customers can learn more about your business, the products or services you offer, your business’s values, and ways to contact you. Ensure your website is user-friendly, easy to navigate, visually appealing, and up-to-date. You’ll also want to optimize your website for both desktop and mobile devices. Implement SEO best practices to improve your website’s visibility in search engines by using keywords. There are tons of free hosts to build your website on, but we always recommend investing in a web designer who can make it seamless for you and your users! 

These 3 must-haves work together to attract, engage, and retain customers and ultimately drive growth and success. By investing time, effort, and resources into building and optimizing these foundational elements, you set your business up for long-term viability in today’s competitive market.

Still unsure how to get started? Start by showing up on social media. Create an Instagram handle that reflects your business and link a landing page in your bio. This landing page is where email subscribers can opt into your email list. Direct your followers there! Then, continue to grow that list while you’re putting the beautiful finishing touches on your fully functional website. 

Next, continue to show up on social media, continue to encourage people to subscribe to your email list, and direct people to your website once it’s up and running. 

And that’s it. It IS that easy! 



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