5 Simple Ways to Prepare Your Business for Summer

It’s officially summer! I don’t know about you, but here in Canada (especially Ontario) summer has been a HUGE sigh of relief. Not only is it summer, but it’s the end of virtual learning for the kids (thank goodness), businesses opening back up, and of course – beach weather! 

However, along with summer comes kids who need 1,000 snacks a day, the “I’mmmm borrreeeeddd”, and so many of us looking to shorten our days, take time off, and flex our hours a little more than usual. 

We have some tips on how you can keep your business going through the summer AND enjoy all the perks that summer has to offer! 


Make a schedule that works for you

As the first couple of weeks of summer hit, you might realize that your normal schedule is not working for you. That’s okay! Instead of trying to force it to work, think about ways you can make small changes to create a schedule that will work. Remember, it’s short-term and, like everything about the last year, it’s okay to be flexible and adaptable and make these changes happen. Maybe you’re working later in the evenings to free up daytime hours to spend with your kids, or maybe you’re working longer hours on certain days in order to have a few shorter days. Whatever you need to do to make it work, do that. 


Be honest with your clients

A quick email to let your clients know that your hours might be temporarily changing, your turnaround time might be a little longer, or you’re taking holidays will help them plan for their business too. And, most clients will be understanding and appreciated knowing in advance the changes. Reassure them that aside from those minor temporary changes, that it’s otherwise business as usual. 


Take A Vacation

There is NO denying that the last year has been a struggle. YOU DESERVE A VACATION! Whether it’s actually going away somewhere or just hanging out at home, it’s important for your mental health, your physical health, and your business that you take some WELL DESERVED time off – to disconnect and recharge. I know it’s hard to step away sometimes, but you’ll come back motivated, energized, and ready to crush goals for the second half of the year.  Before you take a vacation, come up with a plan, give your clients as much notice as possible, and give yourself time once you get back (do not schedule meetings or deadlines on your first day back to work!) and ACTUALLY take time off. 


Stagger Team Vacations

If you have a team working for your business, try to stagger their vacation requests too so that you aren’t too understaffed throughout the summer. This will also allow other team members to be available to clients if something comes up. Alternatively, you could plan a “shut down week” where the business is closed for the week and no one is available for clients. This method allows all team members to take holidays at the same time and then you run at full capacity for the summer. You’ll have to figure out what method works best for your business and your team. 


Check-in with your clients

Remember, it’s more than likely that your clients may be in the same situation as you. Be flexible with their schedules and things that may change within their business too. You might want to check in with them and see if they have any plans or changes coming up for the summer months. Being understanding throughout the summer will benefit both you and your client. Remember that the changes are temporary and we all deserve the time off. 


Those are our top tips for you to work your business effectively this summer and still enjoy the perks that summer has to offer. Try to enjoy the hot days, the long nights, and the flexibility that summer has to offer. Take advantage of this time and once the fall hits change your mindset to crush your goals! 


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