5 Easy Ways to Drive MORE Traffic to Your Blog!

So, you’re trying to expand and decided you’ll start writing a blog. But the readership isn’t there? As a business owner, it’s frustrating to be writing quality content that no one seems to be reading. Below we’ve listed five ways you can improve your blogs to draw your audience in and experience all the benefits that blogging has to offer! 


Be Consistent

This is a must. Your audience needs to know when they can expect your new blog posts to be released. No one wants a once-in-awhile blogger. Decide how often you’re going to release a blog (most studies suggest weekly) and stick to it. I highly recommend blocking out some time to write all your blogs for the month at once. 


Write a Catchy Title

Your title is the first thing your audience reads. Is it enticing? Does it draw them in? Does it make them want to read more? Think of the magazines at your local grocery store. The headlines all have catchy titles. That’s what makes you pick it up and flip through it while you’re waiting in line. The same goes for blogs. What will entice your audience to click? Catchphrases like “tips and tricks to …”, “how you can start…”, “Are you struggling to…” etc., will pique their interest and draw them in. 


Add Photos

Photos can make your blog visually appealing. It also breaks up the reading portion and allows the readers to see your words in action. Are you talking about a recent beach vacation – add pictures. Are you sharing a DIY – add pictures. Walk them through the process with your words and your pictures. It’s always best to include personalized pictures, but when you can’t, make sure you source out photos that don’t violate any copyright infringements. Think of a platform like Canva that allows you to access royalty-free photos vs Google. 


Promote it with Social Media

Use your social media platforms to promote your blog. Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Pinterest are all great resources to use. If you can spend time building an audience there, you will be able to drive traffic to your blog in no time. Bonus points if you have friends and family who are also willing to support you by sharing your blog on their social media accounts! 


Add Links

If you’re promoting or reviewing a product, share a link. Not only will the other accounts appreciate it, but your readers will too. It’s like an easy button for them to find the products/services that you’re talking about. Think of it like tagging an account on Instagram, give them a shout-out in the hopes that they shout back and drive traffic back to you! It’s a win-win in our books. 


Those are our top 5 recommendations to drive more traffic to your blog. If you’re already doing those and you still don’t see an increase, you might want to look at other things like boosting your SEO and evaluating your keywords. 


Need help to get started? Reach out to us today! 

Otherwise, good luck, we can’t wait to read your blogs!



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