3 tasks you should NEVER outsource

Here at Kim & Co Online, we are in the business of helping you grow your business. We are a business that has been created with the best of the best when it comes to Virtual Assistants and Online Business Management. So, it might seem odd that we would write a blog about tasks you shouldn’t outsource when that is how we make money. But, remember, we are in the business of helping YOU and YOUR business. Doing that means we are honest with you about tasks you should and shouldn’t outsource. 

So, while we are being honest, here are 3 tasks you should NEVER outsource:

Control of your finances: 

When it comes to your finances, you should be in control of them. Sure, you could outsource tasks like managing and organizing expenses based on your receipts, but you must remain in control of any outgoing expenses. If you are looking for help with sourcing products, services, or travel expenses, give your VA a budget to work with or have them confirm the price with you beforehand. But don’t give someone else the power to call the shots when it comes to your finances.

Human Resource Tasks: 

More specifically – hiring or firing team members, contractors, or even clients. When hiring someone to be part of your team or a contractor, they must see the person behind the business – that’s YOU! You will want to have a say in who is representing your business. On the flip side of hiring is firing. I know letting go of people sucks – we’ve been there. But, it’s not fair to put that task on someone else. It’s also not very professional towards the person you’re letting go of. So as much as it sucks, you need to put on your big boss pants and suck it up.

Business Relationships: 

When building relationships in your business, those people need to know YOU! Remember, you are the face of your business, regardless of how many people you have working with you. This goes for customer service too. If there is an inquiry or complaint, you should be the one to handle it. When a customer or client has a positive experience (even after a complaint), it will maintain and build a positive reputation for your business. But, when you outsource a task like that, you can’t be sure that issues are being dealt with professionally or promptly, which could cause irreparable damage.


When it comes to outsourcing, some things make sense to pass off. There are many tasks we WILL take off your plate, but these are three that we strongly recommend you stay in control of. There are some ways we can work with you to manage these tasks, like your finances, for example, but ultimately you remain in control. If you’re thinking about outsourcing other tasks, let us know what you are looking for, and we would be happy to work something out with you!


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