3 Reasons Why We LOVE Using Google Drive for Business!

Using Google Drive for our business has been a total game-changer. If you don’t know what it is, it’s an online cloud-based storage system where you can save, access, and edit all your documents from anywhere, on any smart device, and by anyone you give permission to. One of the best things about Google Drive is that your first 15GB is absolutely free – which makes it the perfect tool for both big and small businesses alike! 

Do you want to know what else we love about Google Drive? Keep reading…

Easy to organize

Let’s talk about folders. Not only can you create and label folders for organization, but you can even colour-code them to suit your needs (like colour coding them based on clients or projects). There’s also a “recent” folder where you can find and access documents that you’re currently working on. This saves you time by knowing exactly where you can find your most current work.  

Live Updates

Not only can documents be easily shared with team members or clients, but you can also see live changes that someone is making on the document. This means that you and your team can work on the same document, at the same time – not having to wait until one person is done. Collaborating with your team or your clients in REAL time and making live changes.  

Easy to Edit

Google Drive automatically saves any edits that you or anyone working on the document makes. All edits are easily viewed by all members working on the document. There’s no need to worry about editing, saving, and re-sending the document before anyone else can work on it or review it. Plus, you can leave comments directly in the document too, making communication easy too. No more worrying about hitting save before exiting the document and no risk of losing unsaved work! Huge win. 

Those are just a few of the reasons why we love Google Drive. There are also options for add-ons, which can enhance your working experience and even the possibility to link your Google Drive to your other tools  (like Google Drive for Asana, Google Drive for AirTable, Google Drive for Slack, and many more). 

This can increase your productivity and make a more seamless workflow. But, even without all of those extras, Google Drive is a great tool all on its own. It helps to increase our organization, workflow, and productivity. 

Have you tried Google Drive? What’s your favourite feature? Let us know in the comments! 


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